a loose cannon herself, Kiley prides
herself on fun, laid back and QUICK sessions. she won't rush you, but her average full session is 38 minutes

quick + fun


use our complimentary client wardrobe, or have Kiley help style your session on the house. 

complimentary styling


our VIP client group provides discounted sessions, exclusive model calls, and special event mini sessions.

client perks


digital images are always included.
no surprises or hidden fees.
pricing is all inclusive
(like 1990's ClubMed)



welcome. i'm glad you're here. 

i've been a professional photographer for 12 years. my clients are my favorite, and the coolest, most attractive people on the planet. please don't be stressed if you're ugly - I can photoshop almost anything. wink wink. the one thing I can't fix? crazy. please don't reach out if you're insane and/or mean to your spouse or kids. 

i appreciate the time you've taken to check out my work and consider booking me. i'm not the cheapest, but everyone knows....i'm the absolute freakin' best at what I do. (and because guac costs extra and frankly i need money to pay for that....)

please don't be weird or crazy.


Hey hey! This ain't about me...but if you're curious....I'm a tall + extremely fun mom of 2, who lives/works in Barrington, IL. When not working, I'm driving my spawn to practice. If wondering, "Where's Kiley?" the answer is always "IN HER CAR" (scream-singing to Taylor Swift). I love reading, traveling, + all the other suburban mom stuff.

I am aging quickly, I'm not sure if this paragraph is even relevant for my website? It's most certainly not SEO friendly. I accept all forms of payment, but my favorite would be a McDonald's large Coke. I have horses and chickens and tons of animals at my farmhouse - so all the animals you see me use in my photography are my own. Because while my life decisions are always questionable, I am ALWAYS a good time.


a little bit about