Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions!

It’s that time of year. The sad weekend where we reluctantly take down the 12 foot tree and think to ourselves, “why did I let my husband talk me into buying a 12 foot Christmas tree? Do you even realize how long it’s going to take to take down all these ornaments?”.

Maybe that’s just me. I am a Christmas Tree LOVER until January 2nd. Then I despise it. It’s too big, and it scratches my wood floor so beautifully every time it’s removed. And there’s glitter everywhere, like Tinkerbell pooped in my livingroom. (Doesn’t she poop glitter? Just go with it).

Anyway, it’s time to move on from “Christmas Vacation” and the rest of the ABC Family Channel line up…..Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions are released and ready for the taking!!Held in my Northwest Chicagoland suburban home-studio, these are sure to be the perfect way to capture your little wearing silly feathery cupid wings, if that’s your jam. ¬†Sessions will be styled (meaning a cute background, floor, props, etc).

As I type this, about half of the sessions are already gone. So be sure to eMail me {Kiley} at to reserve your session today!

Chicago Kids Valentine's Day Mini Session


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