Barrington Twin Lifestyle Session

There’s nothing I love more than seeing people interact in their own environments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to prance around outdoors in a forest with a billion mosquitos in July, while your two year old runs away from you, whom you then have to chase, wearing wedges, because it goes with your outfit. (That was one giant run on sentence, no?) Lifestyle sessions have a unique and important purpose–to capture you and your family as YOU. Nothing staged. Nothing planned. You just invite me into your home, your environment, and we capture exactly what a normal “day in the life” is like. If your babies cry, that’s OK. If they spill water all over your carpet, that’s ok too!!! I want to document your life as it is. You want those pictures of the crying kid, or the “oopsie” face your baby makes when he or she spills that water. Nothing will be more priceless to you as time goes on. Because those are the moments we seem to forget as parents, or even if we remember–we don’t have it documented. The days are long, but the years fly by.

This twin lifestyle session marking the 6 month birthday of these two cuties was nothing short of amazing. There’s something so special and unique about a lifestyle session. Babies are happier. Parents are happier. It’s a controlled environment, and you don’t even have to wear shoes. I don’t really like wearing shoes, or pants. But I’ll wear pants to your session, OK!?

Its you. In your own space. And you don’t even have to pose. You just read a book to your babies, and kiss your spouse if you feel like it. There are 90 images in this gallery of this family enjoying themselves, just being “them”. Snuggling. Smooching. Playing with toes + smiling at each other. It’s perfect, if I do say so myself.

Lifestyle sessions are $500, and for more information on what’s included be sure to pop over to the investment tab and check it out.



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