Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hey all you last minute Mother’s Day shoppers – this post is for YOU! Not sure what to buy the special Mama in your life? Here are a few quick ideas to get you started — all of which can be purchased quickly off Amazon!

Have another idea for a gift? I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list!

For the Coffee Drinker

Ever since I became a homeschool educator, I’ve decided a mid-day expresso drink (be it a cappuccino, or an iced latte) is the perfect snack to get me through common core math. It also helps keep me awake until at least 837PM.

If the mother in your life needs an expresso machine, this is the one. It’s a great price point ($200). It’s slim and lightweight, so it doesn’t take up a ton of counter space. It’s my most favorite thing, TBH.

Next up, a dope milk frother. Yes, they sell these built on to higher end expresso machines, but I personally like mine separate so I can use it for other random things (fun mixed drinks, whipped coffees, etc.). If you’re like my family and don’t spend a lot on “holidays”, this is a great steal at $15 ish bucks.

Lastly, a pour over coffee maker. I want this. My brother has one, and swears by it. It’s a fun trinket, and it’s something a person would probably never buy for themselves, but for $33 it’s worth a try.

For the Bougie Mom

It’s FINE. We’ve all had these moments. Some of us are a little more high maintenance than others. Just be like Lisa Rinna and yell “OWN IT”. I used to be cool, now I shop at Old Navy.

If you want to upgrade from the Anthropologie “Capri Blue” candle, try this Diptyque Rose candle. Most people place them out to signify their middle class wealth, and never burn them — so if you’re a cheapskate, don’t worry — most people I know never even burn their Diptyque more than 5 minutes.

Sitting below your new Diptique Rose candle, should be this Tom Ford cocktail table book, amiright? THIS WOULD LOOK PERFECT IN MY ALL BLACK ROOM, ERIC. Sorry, what?! For $150, it’s a great conversation starter? (I guess???)

Taking a hard right turn, are the world’s UGG(liest) slippers, but since we ain’t leavin’ the house any time soon, may I suggest these “transitional” furry flip flop slippers? You think these are awful? I do too. But I’ve quit life.

The Cool Mom

This is where I land, at least in my head. I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom. (Also, it should be noted it is unclear to me when to capitalize ‘mom’. GOOD THING IM A TEACHER NOW, AMIRIGHT???)

You can’t go wrong with pajamas. Make it a whole vibe, and pair these $25 tropical plant jammies with a Monstera plant from your favorite local. nursery (local to the NW Chicago Burbs, check out The Barn Nursery in Cary, IL call ahead for contactless pickup!)

THIS BACK MASSAGER IS MY FAVORITE THING OF ALL TIME. Seriously. I received this as a gift from my parents, and I use it EVERY. SINGLE DAY. This is truly the BEST thing on this whole dang list. I promise.

If y’all love makeup + skin care, this $75 makeup fridge is a STEAL and gets rave reviews. This way, your Mama can keep her skincare cool, I know my fave Drunk Elephant skincare stuff is recommended to be kept in the fridge!

For the Bookworm

Is your Mom a journal-y retrospective sort of gal? This 52 Lists for Happiness journal is always a favorite gift of mine to give. For $11, it’s perfect to tie up with a bouquet of flowers and give to your MIL.

The Kindle is a great gift, for those that don’t own already. If a Kindle’s already in hand, then consider purchasing the Kindle Unlimited. It’s a great way to get free books, and has a much larger selection than the local library does. My fave part of Kindle Unlimited? Free magazine subscriptions each month delivered right to any device which supports Kindle.(People, Food + Wine, etc). Mom can even try her first month free, by signing up here.

Lastly, no matter if Mom likes “old school” paper books, or an e-reader, this book light will be the perfect gift for the woman who has everything. I love this because my kindle doesn’t have a dang light …eyeeee rolllllll.

Okay, well, that’s all the strength I have left, and I can’t continue spouting off such shopping gold any longer. I should probably parent. If you hate all these ideas, I can also offer up a WONDERFUL session from Kiley Humbert Photography :::PLUG:::: Oh, and keep in mind I’ll get paid either way, because I’m an Amazon affiliate. (Yeah, they make me say this, but y’all know I won’t lie to you about stuff I love/hate. I’m vocal about things I hate, which is mostly #everything. Hanging in there, Quarantine Cuties! Miss you all!


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