Branding Sessions – behind the WHY

After two solid years of feeling like a flaming pile of trash, it’s time to get your butt in gear and rebrand. I need to myself. I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready to have this Summer ahead be my BEST yet.

We’ve all felt super trapped by our own friendly confine these past two years. Kids are back in school, we’re back in office. Not really sure what happened, but as soon as my mask came off, and I felt as if I couldn’t hide behind it anymore. Yeah, I needed to wax my lip. I did that, and I’m ready to hustle and make people feel good about themselves. I’m updating my look, and I think you should too. Headshot time. But this go around, I’m calling these “rebranding” sessions. Because I’m artsy, and I do what I want.

We all need a fresh start. In my head, the way I do this is by first giving myself a serotonin boost. I’m going to go buy some new freakin’ clothes that aren’t Walmart athleisure. Then, I’m going to make sure my lip hair is still gone, put on some makeup and fix my huge and unruly hair — and take pictures of what I actually look like, now. And Im going to love myself again. Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps.

I wanna be that chick for you – the one who says “it’s time to feel better about yourself”. So yeah, I’ve decided for you. It’s time to update your brand – to elevate your ego to the next level. To give you a chance to see how fricken’ cute and hot and ACCOMPLISHED you are. My gig is making people feel good about themselves. And I truly think most people reading this probably have a LOT to offer and are waiting to feel motivated. This is the call, babe. It’s time.

Whether you need to update your headshots for your social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), or just want a chance to really feel great in front of a camera and hit the new weird mask free world like BOOM — it’s time we meet, and handle the business. You owe it to yourself. Even if you don’t have a “career” outside of the home — everyone should have beautiful portraits. Recently divorced? Headshots. Lose weight? Headshots. Bored in your career? Headshots. MLM person who’s brand is themselves? Headshots. Rebrand yourself. (I can’t get “Frost Yourself” out of my head. IYKYK. Ok fine, most people wont know its from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days…)


Join me during the month of May in my Barrington, IL studio for a limited “Rebrand” event. For the entire month, before your kids get out of school — let’s do it.

And because I am the MOST FUN PHOTOGRAPHER on the planet, I know what will make an uncomfortable headshot/rebranding session even better……We’re going to jam to this playlist and you’re going to bring your friend with. Maybe we’ll drink some champagne, I don’t know. That’s up to you. (I can’t take your picture drunk). You and your bestie can both be awkward and weird together and laugh and poke fun at each other – and we’ll take the BEST photos ever. I’m going to offer a BOGO for session booked before May 31 2022…(that means buy-one-get-one-free)…..because why not. Split the cost, or treat your pal, spouse, or the random guy at the gas station — let’s do it!

To book your session, drop me an eMail at and say you either want to book a rebranding session. I’m even open to the idea of you just writing “frost yourself” in the subject line.

Good talk. Love you all. As the wise Paris Hilton once said, “Keep Sliving”. (slaying and living for the Boomers).


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