Chicago Maternity Photographer: The One Where They Became Parents

These two are widely loved in our small town – and they’re some of the best “grown ups” I know. Mr. + Mrs. D joined me for their maternity session last week, and it was SO much fun. After a weird summer, seeing their familiar faces totally felt refreshingly normal – Cole misses his teachers so much, and it was nice to be able to tell my kiddo I got to check in on “Mr. D’s baby” (EYEEE ROLLLLL WE ALL KNOW JENN IS DOING EV.ER.Y.TH.ING).

I’m so glad I forced them into allowing me to take their bump’s photos…they always make me smile. Mrs. D donned her “fancy sandals”, and we headed out to the Marina. Mark brought many options for footwear too, which seems on brand for him. Dad’s usually aren’t super cooperative during sessions, but Mark was an exception to the rule…he did great!! Except when he licked Jenn’s nose (seen below). Seems typical for a guy who gives recorders to children for fun.

Jenn + Mark are genuinely awesome, silly, happy people. Both so very sincere, kind, and REALLY REALLY good looking (said in Zoolander voice). How lucky are we to have such amazing teachers paving the way for our kids? And aren’t they PRETTY!?!?

Baby girl is going to be SO loved when she gets here in a few weeks. Not just by a bajillion students, but so many parents, too — parents who really respect and admire their dedication to their jobs and school family. These truly are two of the best. We are lucky to have the D family in our lives.

Anyway, check out their session below! WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!!


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