Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Dad Approved Gifts that Will Make his Day Great!

  1. Can/Bottle Cooler. We LOVE these, my favorite being the Asobu (linked) – because you can use it for a bottle, and it unscrews for a can, too! It has an opener on top, for the weirdos who drink stuff other than Coors Light. Lastly, (and my own husband’s gift) a skinny can holder for the Mango White Claws y’all drink on the daily.

  1. BEHOLD! It’s my husbands favorite “shoes” and his favorite shirt! These Lacoste polos wash so well, and are the perfect “work-from-home” uniform. That little alligator can make anyone feel “fancy”. Also, we all know the colorful sock trend is a VIBE now, so when it’s time to, you know, put on pants again…this may be a good choice.
  1. Golf. Dad’s and Grandpa’s love it. Check out that trunk organizer!! This would be a huge hit with my own Dad. He’s a bit….”organized” with his car, as is his Dad. (It’s too clean to ride in, essentially). For those that just do casual and affordable gifts (like us), the “I’d Rather Be Golfing” socks are a great low-budget option!
  1. DRANKS. Ice Molds for whiskey Dads, and our favorite wine chiller + aerator (I still eye roll at how much my husband loves Kim Crawford). Lastly, a double can beer hat guzzler…. because times are tough.
  1. It’s not a secret that my husband LOVES smart devices. His favorite thing is to yell “ALEXA TURN OFF THE LIVING ROOM TV”. He does this using smart plugs. These smart lightbulbs can dim or turn on/off on timers, change colors, gradually dim or brighten, and you set environments for up to 64 lights using the hub it comes with. For example, we hate our bedroom can lights — you can just yell “ALEXA dim the bedroom lights” and BOOM! Gahhh now I need to buy these, too! Lastly, the Amazon Echo Show – perfect for Grandpa so he can see the grandkids. (You’ll prob have to set this up…let’s be honest)

Well, that about does it. Hopefully this gives you a few easy peasy ideas on how to best take care of Dad on his special day! If you end up getting something, please let me know what he thinks! I hope you enjoyed this list of some of my favorite things to buy — as an amazon affiliate, I promise to NEVER post anything I don’t love, or have interest in – I do hope this helps!

Have another amazing idea to help celebrate Father’s Day 2020? Leave it below! Cheers!


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