Take a Minute, Will You?

My job as a photographer is to observe, then capture that observation. To find little fleeting moments of joy you don’t see happening; the ones which exist in front of my camera you’d never even notice, not even in the very moment you’re living it.

I watch my client’s fix their child’s shoelace, and brush the hair out of their daughter’s eyes during a session, and I see and feel the weight of a parent’s love. It’s easy to spot, and impossible to forget.

For once at a session, I didn’t have to look for those moments of love. They just arrived, all on their own, and I, in watching; I learned how love can be so light, and easy, yet impossibly heavy, all at the same time. This session will be in my heart, for forever. I learned a lot about the parent I want to be, from watching a family spend time together. Because of WHO I was watching, WHO I was documenting. WHY I was documenting.

Here’s the WHO. This is my newest friend, Molly Klee. Molly is a local Mom, and although we’d never met, I had to reach out to her directly when a friend told me “the best woman I know is fighting for her life”.

The WHY, matters. You see, in July 2019, Molly was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma. Molly’s since had surgery to remove the tumor, and has and will continue battling, through any means necessary. I’d ask you please consider making a monetary donation to the Klee family’s GoFundMe to help with medical expenses and resources to help their family — Dane, Capri (age 7), Tenli (age 5), Stassi (age 4), and Rubi (age 2).

Photography matters, and again it’s my plea you’ll consider always capturing the moments – even when you’re convinced you’re not your best self, or give yourself an excuse to avoid being in photos with your loved ones. These moments with your family matter. This is what you’re here for.

Molly, I know you’re going to give this stupid fucking (sorry) cancer a run for it’s money. And in the meanwhile, I (as well as a LOT of other people) are going to try and help you raise some of that green stuff, so you don’t have to worry about a thing past getting better.

Join me in helping the Klee family, by making a donation today.

Klee family’s GoFundMe


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